TriCTM Si-Ca Board

TriCTM Si-Ca Board combines the advantages of light weight, low thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance with chemical resistance. Featured with easy-to-cut and easy-to-install, they are ideal insulating ma-terial for power plants, chemical plants, shipyards, re-fineries, paper mills, and others.



                                                                                                  Specification         Average
Bulk density                                                 kg / m³                      ≤ 220                     220
Liner shrinkage(900℃ x 8 hrs)                   %                            ≤ 3                         1.3
Thermal conductivity(W/mK)                                                      ≤ 0.058                  0.050
Cold compressive Strength MPa                                                 ≥ 0.7                      0.7
Modulus of rupture                                 (MPa)                           ≥ 0.35                    0.35
Available size                                        310 x 610 x 20 to50mm      1000×500×20 to 50mm
The Calcium silicate board is Asbestos FREE        


·High temperature stability

·Low thermal conductivity


·Thermal insulation of piping

·Insulating backup

·Board over blanket hot face lining

·Hot gas duct linings

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